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On May 31, 2014, at 16:38 a new page was created, DragonVale Wiki:Wiki Projects. The purpose of the page is to keep track of project(s) that were discussed before and could be implemented soon for the benefit of the community. The page displays two separate tables, one for Projects that has to be worked on and the other for Ongoing Projects which is basically done in a forum. Some of the users whom were working in interesting projects have left the wiki and the projects has been postponed for quite some time now.

Anyways, this forum is being created to discuss projects that users would like to work on since the "DragonVale_Wiki" domain does not allow for comments on the page. We need your help to bring most of the Projects to "Live". As the saying goes, the more the merrier. Let's put hand in hand and make this work together. One for all and all for one :D

You may leave a comment here if you would like to work on a specific project. We'll try to explain in detail (if needed) what needs to be done for the specific project.

Thank you so much in anticipation of your help!

Important Important: Please note that once your username is listed on the project you wish to work on, the posts on this thread would be removed because this is an ongoing forum discussion and it would become very lengthy if the replies are not removed. Thank you for understanding!

Here's how the page looks like;

Feel free to contact users if you wish to contribute to the project. However, some of the users are inactive. This table displays which projects which have to be worked on. Please discuss these projects in this forum.

Number Project Users that were/are working on it What is needed to be done Status
1 Dragon Orbs
Dragon Orbs Sandbox

Forum Thread

Bane Cane, ElektronX, and Rox Obtain pictures of dragons with orbs and crowns and render them. Complete
2 Shared Features
Shared Features Sandbox
Bane Cane and Adriano 25 Fill in all the information (basically since October)
Needs more discussion as it is too much for one page. Could split up some ideas into different pages.
3 Manual of Style for the wiki
Manual of Style Sandbox
TheWizardz786™, Adriano 25, CelticStar87, Bane Cane, and NemiS Add more information Complete
4 Buttons
Buttons Sandbox
Bane Cane, CelticStar87, and NemiS Few buttons left
Organize it better into sections
Make a switch toggle for it.
Almost Complete
5 Lore in DragonVale
Lore in DragonVale Sandbox
Discussion Thread
Mylittlewut Fill in all the information. Incomplete
6 Page Redesigns
Habitats, Decorations and Buildings Page Redesign Thread
Decorationbox Example
Habitatbox Example
~=(iNate)=~, Bane Cane, Adriano 25 and NemiS. Need to make Variable's
Coding complication
7 Affiliated Sites
Affiliated Sites Forum Thread
Adriano 25, Bane Cane, and CelticStar87 Need to make a sandbox. Discussion was almost complete but haven't reached a consensus. Not sure which sites to affiliate because some of them have not been updated for some time. Complete
8 Dragon Sounds

Dragon Sounds Charts

Bane Cane and ElektronX Obtain Dragon Sounds
Add rows for the all the dragons since October (any missing dragon)
If you wish to take on a project, please join us in. As the saying goes, the more the merrier.
Also remember, putting your name up in the chart above does not equal ownership or management of the project. But it is nice to try and collaborate with someone if they are listing themselves as working on a particular project.

Feel free to hop in to contribute to the forum. This table displays ongoing projects. Please discuss these projects in their respective forums.

Number Project Users that were/are working on it What is needed to be done Status
1 Button Images
Forum Thread
Obtain missing (baby/adult dragon and egg pedestal) Button images. Ongoing
2 Breeding Hint Images
Forum Thread
Obtain missing Breeding Hint images. Ongoing
3 Hatch Menu Images
Forum Thread
Obtain missing Hatch Menu images. Ongoing
4 Images
Forum Thread
Obtain/Render/Update images. Ongoing
5 Goals
Forum Thread
Obtain missing information for Goals page. Ongoing
6 Goal Card
Forum Thread
Obtain images of Goal Card. Ongoing
7 Dragon Orb and Crown
Forum Thread
Obtain missing Dragon Orb/Crown images. Ongoing
8 Glitches Page
Forum Thread
Obtain missing information on the Glitches page. Ongoing
9 Finding Unknown Dates
Forum Thread
Obtain missing unknown dates on content pages. Ongoing
10 Missing Epic Earning Rates
Forum Thread
Obtain missing epic earning rates. Ongoing
11 Missing Epic Dragon Star Images
Forum Thread
Obtain missing epic dragon star images. Ongoing
12 Quests Completion Results
Forum Thread
Obtain missing information about quests completion results. Ongoing
13 Pages With Missing Information
Forum Thread
Obtain missing information on wiki pages. Ongoing

Incomplete The project is not completed.
Almost Complete The project is almost completed.
Complete The project is completed.
Ongoing The project is ongoing.

Update Note: Please do not edit any sandbox of other users without seeking their permission at first.

Update Note: If you would like to contribute to a project, please contact the users. However, some of them are inactive and have left the wiki. In that case, please contact an administrator.

Credits: ~=(iNate)=~. The idea of this page was obtained from Gizmonauts Wiki, Wiki Projects page

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