There have been many mentions of modifying the process for Administrator selection. The current process is outlined below. Please leave comments as to what modifications you would like to see to this process. After a week or so of discussion, we will write up a new proposal and put it forth for community input.

Comments unrelated to the Administrator position will be removed. Separate forums are open for Chat Mod and Wiki Mod positions.

Promoting an Administrator

Anyone can nominate someone as a candidate to become an administrator, but nominations will only be accepted for candidates who meet certain conditions:

  1. The candidate must have been a Wiki Moderator for at least 2 months.
  2. The candidate needs 3 other users to vouch for him/her within a week. One of these users must be Wiki Moderator/Administrator.
  3. The candidate must not have received a block on this Wiki or another Wiki since he became Wiki Moderator.
  4. The candidate cannot be nominated more than once per 3 months(If a nomination is refused due to the candidate not meeting requirements, then it is not considered a nomination and the candidate can be nominated again once the other requirements are met).
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