Rollbacks are members of the community who, in partnership with the Administrators, have been given a few additional abilities to help maintain the integrity of edits made to the wiki. While anyone has the ability to undo vandalism, users who have the Custodian right have a special "one click" button to revert a page to the previous edit. This can be extremely useful if a wiki is under a spam attack or someone is attempting to delete or vandalize pages. Custodians are expected to take action independently whenever possible, following the guidelines outlined herein.

Those with Rollbacks rights are able to do the following:

  • Rollback spam and vandalism

Rollbacks User Conduct

In addition to page edits made as Wiki members, Rollbacks will:

  • Remove any unambiguous spam or vandalism to content pages.
  • Rollbacks need to show maturity. This includes quality edits, courtesy, and refraining from heavily roleplaying (like wiki "marriage", indulging in "violent acts" toward another user, etc ...)
  • Rollbacks are expected to show good behavior both here and on other Wikis. As their conduct will be associated with this wiki, a block or ban on another Wiki as much as here could lead to demotion without further notice.

Promoting a Rollback

Anyone can request to be promoted to Rollback, but nominations will only be accepted for candidates who meet certain conditions:

  • The candidate must have been a registered Wiki user for at least 2 months prior to nomination.
  • The candidate must have 50 QUALITY edits(you can see what a quality edit is here) on main namespace pages(to see if you qualify, you can go here and enter your wiki name). This requirement is meant to demonstrate that they have some knowledge of editing and using templates.
  • The candidate cannot be nominated more than once per 3 months.*
  • The candidate needs 3 other users to vouch for him/her within a week. These can be admins studying the candidature should no one else know said candidate due to low social activity.
  • This cannot be stressed enough: The candidate must have been making QUALITY edits(you can see what a quality edit is here). Upon nomination, at least one admin will ensure that by looking at the candidate's contributions.
  • The candidate must not have received a block on this Wiki or another Wiki (This applies for 6 months following the end of the block period).

  • The candidate must not also have received a ban on this Wiki's chat site (This applies for 6 months from the end of the ban period).

  • If these conditions are not met, then the nomination is automatically disqualified. Otherwise, the candidate is automatically promoted to Rollback.
  • The once per three months limit applies only if you can't get three vouchers within a week. For people without necessary edits, all that's needed is to come back once that criteria is met.

Requests can be made HERE

Procedure for nominating

  1. You CANNOT nominate someone else, only yourself.
  2. Make sure you meet the above mentioned requirements.
  3. You can vouch for people you know and believe would be good for the position.
  4. To vouch for a candidate Simply COMMENT that you do so. Remember a Rollback candidates must have a Rollback/Wiki Moderator/Administrator vouching for him.
  5. You can Kudos a request, but it will BEAR NO WEIGHT on the candidature.
  6. You can only vouch for ONE Rollback per week OR nominate yourself.


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