DV isn't being "singled out." I don't particularly see what the issue is, knowing that our wiki attracts more of our younger peers than some other game-related wikis do. Why should the same restrictions be put on other wikis that focus on a more mature audience? That's hardly fair to them. Yes, I understand the whole argument about not being fair to us either, but the fact of the matter is we attract kids. We attract a LOT of kids on this wiki, because such is the whimsical nature of DragonVale. And because Wikia has to attribute each and every single edit any person makes, this causes a problem for wikis aimed at younger audiences, because those younger users are going to anonymously leave their IP when they edit.

Like I said before, I'm not downplaying the contributions of our anonymous users. But I hardly see the fuss, either. We can easily find a workaround and filter our anonymous contributors elsewhere so that they may still participate.

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