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BrodyTheMarshmallow4 BrodyTheMarshmallow4 3 hours ago

Dragonvale Mandela Effect?

I remember tghe shining Dragon being called the "Shine" dragon, and a dark/fire golden hybrid (not char), and the spark dragon having no spikes at the tip of the tail. True or mandela effect?

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StringlessWorms StringlessWorms 7 April


Here I will share my fanmade dragons + past contest entries. This page will be a WIP for awhile.

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Shaynamarie321 Shaynamarie321 11 January

Adding New Friends!

Hey! My name is Shayna and im from Canada. Im looking for some new dragonvale friends :) if youre interested my friend code is - shaynamhc#8747

Thanks fpr being friendly and feel free to leave your friend code below!

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BrodyTheMarshmallowYT BrodyTheMarshmallowYT 31 July 2021

Name ideas for the fire dragon plush

this is a joke

  • Mr. hot
  • dat boi
  • firey bfdi
  • Burning Dragon Baby™️
  • Hotter than the melting point of tungsten
  • dumb child
  • fartbrain
  • Marketable Dragon Child
  • Numbskull
  • brainlet
  • Hot Boi
  • Fart sound effect w. reverb
  • insult to reality

idk how much names I can come up with

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Kaaaylee2007 Kaaaylee2007 21 June 2021

Dragon Wanted list

Notice - I will update it more! So keep out!

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yo this a gud lookin drago


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Soooooooooo yeh

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm is it rare to get a fever dragon?

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Dragon Ideas!


COMING SOON means literally what it says :D

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KBale KBale 2 April 2021

Please add me friends!!!!

My park lev 101 and have many epic dragons , please add me!!!!!

my ID:DragonVale#661856

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Riptidegirl 2652 Riptidegirl 2652 19 March 2021

big fusion


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BrodyTheMarshmallow2 BrodyTheMarshmallow2 13 September 2020


How to eat dragon?

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SapphireMidnight SapphireMidnight 3 September 2020

Dragon Breeding/Rift

Have fun!!

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BrodyTheMarshmallow2 BrodyTheMarshmallow2 1 September 2020

Exclusive Dragons

Here is a suggestion

If you live in certain places/certain device products you will get a free dragon

So if you live in Australia you will get a free Bilby dragon

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BenAndHollysLittleUser BenAndHollysLittleUser 18 August 2020

My new Wiki (I gave credit to this wiki too)


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GrandDragonCollector GrandDragonCollector 11 August 2020

Quests that need to be added to Dragon Pages

You Matter: Darkmatter

Roll for Initiative: Exandrew

Slow Show: Grove

Flick the Switch: Moriante

Hearing Intensifies: Oaris

Tran-Quill-Ity: Tranquil

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Benji1547 Benji1547 3 August 2020


This is a fun game

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Falcon Of The SkyWings Falcon Of The SkyWings 22 July 2020

Shadows of the Vale - Chapter 1

(Still lost. Thanks for asking.)

This is getting really bad. I lost my map. I don't know where to go. I'm stuck, I'm lost, I'm probably going to die out here, lost at sea. And no one will miss me.

Swift paused after scrawling down that last depressed sentence. You're a wreck, Swift, she thought glumly to herself.

Well... Swift closed her empty book, got up, and began to pace. I suppose it could be worse.

The boat rocked beneath her. Oops, she thought, stopping her movement and forcing her already cramped legs to sit. She winced and tried to align her weight to make the vessel stop shaking. She forgot that this lame excuse for a boat was a canoe, and nothing like the broad, wonderful vessels she'd had back at home.

Home... Do I even have that anymore?…

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DesertPomPom101 DesertPomPom101 20 July 2020

The Berry Dragon

Note: This is NOT a spam blog.

The Berry Dragon Colors are Dark Purple, Maroon-Red, and Lime.

The Juveniles' frills are bigger than the Adults'.

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SunSleepy SunSleepy 18 July 2020

The Decorator's Grimoire: Introduction

You may be in a similar place as I was not too long ago, where your islands are nothing more than an unkempt collection of habitats and a couple of limited-time decorations you keep around because your an out of space in your storage tower. You stare at these islands every single day, and then go onto the internet and see images of beautiful and creative islands with decorations laid out like an art form.

I certainly understand that feeling, and have been there. I'm by no means a DragonVale decoration guru, but I have worked quite hard to hone my skills and to create islands that I am proud to have in my park. I really just want to help inspire a next generation of DragonVale decorators who are able to utilize the things I teach and their o…

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Falcon Of The SkyWings Falcon Of The SkyWings 15 July 2020

Shadows of the Vale

  • 1 Shadows of the Vale
  • 2 Ideas
    • 2.1 Scar of the World
    • 2.2 Dragon-human interaction
  • 3 Characters
    • 3.1 Protagonists
    • 3.2 Major characters

Welcome to my fanfiction! I wasn't sure where to put it, so I figured a blog would be the best place! Forgive me if I'm wrong, I'll move it elsewhere if it's not the right place to have a fanfiction.

This fanfiction is based in the DragonVale universe; all rights go to the creators of the game. However, the writing is by me and I would appreciate if you didn't copy it.

On this page there isn't actually any story (I removed what I had because I got a better idea) but this is about what you can expect from the fanfiction!

It will be about the founding of the Vale, how parks came to be, and so on. It will be from dragons' and hum…

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Falcon Of The SkyWings Falcon Of The SkyWings 14 July 2020

Test Blog (Removing)

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DesertPomPom101 DesertPomPom101 12 July 2020

Andy Chaos loves apocalypse dragons

AndyKhaos loves apocalypse dragons. He didn't know Ioved them too but I love them!!! Could you fix this???

Note: This blog post is a stub. You can help by expanding this blog post.

To know more about the dragon, see Apocalypse Dragon.

If you are lookin' for the habitat, see Apocalypse Habitat.

If you are looking for the flag, see Apocalypse Flag.

If looking for the user, see User:AndyKhaos

If you are looking for the pedestal, see Apocalypse Pedestal.

If you want to see the other dragon and pedestal, see Ouroboros Dragon but the pedestal page is out.

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GrandDragonCollector GrandDragonCollector 6 July 2020

Custom Dragons

Although Dragonvale has over 600 dragons, there are many people who have ideas for future dragons. Here you can list them:

Description: Like it's counterpart, the Dark Rainbow Dragon is extremely rare. Instead of the standard Red through Purple pattern, the Dark Rainbow Dragon has a Black, Blue, Purple color scheme.

Elements: Rainbow, Dark, Moon

Breeding: This Dragon is bred using a Darkmatter Dragon and any dragon with the Dark Element. Breeding must start between 7pm and 7am. 

Decription: Celestial is Kairos's twin Brother. However, instead of having the power to speed up time, he has control over the Galaxy Dragons. 

Elements: Galaxy, Moon, Sun, and Legendary.

Obtaining: Celestial can be earned after collecting all 20 pieces from succesfully bree…

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GrandDragonCollector GrandDragonCollector 27 June 2020

My Cooperative Dragons

Every other week, I change my Dragon for Cooperative Breeding. Below, list comments on what Dragons you would like. Add your Dragonvale ID too so we can become friends. Mine is: 


I will choose one of the asked Dragons for Cooperative and keep it there for a few weeks before choosing a new one. I hope to get Answers. I do not have every Dragon so don't get upset if I can't provide it. Thanks for understanding. If you didn't get the Dragon you wanted, I can leave it for one more week. Just say it in the comments.

Go to this link to see what dragon you have will gain you the highest chance: https://dvbox.bin.sh/parent

Note: I chose Fridays and Saturdays to end and begin because I can't log on Dragonvale on Mondays through Thur…

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PileOfGravel PileOfGravel 26 June 2020

DragonVale Lorekeeping

I love descriptions in video games. Not surprisingly, I enjoy the endless in-game descriptions in DragonVale: not only for dragons, but buildings, decorations, habitats, and even islands! (Island descriptions are only available before purchase, so they're harder to come by--without a wiki, that is!) While DragonVale would have you believe that all of this is mere flavor text, if you look really closely (and be very paranoid), it becomes clear there's a larger story to be told. I mean, come on. An ancient Cataclysm? The Rift? From mentions of unstable magicks to references to forerunner wizards known only as the Ancients, this simple mobile game is full of VERY serious conspiracies, and I intend to uncover them.

And in the meantime, I'll cat…

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Brillina Brillina 25 June 2020

Leaving DragonVale :(

I've been playing DragonVale for over 7 years, but it's time for me to leave. I don't have DragonVale installed anymore and for many times I've tried reinstalling it in an attempt to get back into the game, but it's just not going to happen, as I have grown up. By no means am I saying the game is boring; DragonVale is definitely one of the best games out there that I would recommend to anyone. I've just gotten older since I was actively playing it and it's time to move on.

I'd like to clear some stuff up, though. I'm not sure if anyone who reads this recognizes me, but I've said/done some really stupid things on here, and I would like to apologize for my behavior. I was just a bored kid who liked playing DragonVale during their free time, a…

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BrodyTheMarshmallow BrodyTheMarshmallow 21 June 2020

Oh No

Benny (the plant dragon) and Windwing (the wind dragon) have encountered a forest, they see two figures, resembling Cave Dragons, they could be the souls of what they saw, but it is uncomfirmed.

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BrodyTheMarshmallow BrodyTheMarshmallow 16 June 2020

Pyrite Dragon

Note: this dragon is not real, it is fanmade

  • 1 Breeding
  • 2 Earning Rates
  • 3 Gallery
  • 4 Notes

The [[]] can be bred by using any two dragons, in either order, containing the Fire, metal, water and light elements at the Breeding Cave/Epic Breeding Island.

Boost Calculation Guide to use with the page linked above.

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Crasher925 Crasher925 13 June 2020


Crasher925 is a player of DragonVale and a friend of Dragonvaledaily123. He's a full time philosopher and he's a libertarian stalinist. 

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Gabby083013 Gabby083013 24 May 2020

The Favorites 2

My Favorites

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Theother365 Theother365 14 May 2020

New Contests!

*Trumpet fanfare blasts in background*

Welcome Valers to the revealing of two ALL NEW contests! This post will be all about them!

No, i'm lying, i'm much too lazy to do that.

. . .

Just kidding! Below, you will find two links, one is for Dragon Quotes, which starts tomorrow! The other is for Find me!, a much more difficult game, I don't even tell you when it starts, until two hours after the actual start time! Have fun learning all about the new contests! Oh, and if you enjoy them at all, maybe, just maybe, we could have a championship, or tournament!

But thats enough squalk with not enough chalk here you go:

Dragon Quotes: https://dragonvale.fandom.com/wiki/Contest:_Dragon_Quotes

Find me!: https://dragonvale.fandom.com/wiki/Contests:_Find_Me%21


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Theother365 Theother365 14 May 2020

Contests: Find Me!

  • 1 What is Find me!
    • 1.1 Rules: 
  • 2 Previous Find me! Hints: 
  • 3 Current Find me! Hints: 
  • 4 Next Find me! contest: 
    • 4.1 When the last Sprout has sprung. . .
  • 5 Top Find me! Winners: 
  • 6 All Find me! Winners: 

Find me! is a contest created by Theother365 , and is a fun DragonVale Wiki scavenger hunt!

  1.  Theother365, will post his wiki tag as shown in this sentence, or he will add his signature clockwork cogs image (as shown on the right), anywhere in the wiki!
  2. There will be one clue for when it will start, a clue fore where to find it, and a clue for when the contest after that will start. 
  3. Find either of the two items mentioned in #1, and race back to  Theother365's message wall to respond before anyone else!

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Zacyeomusic Zacyeomusic 14 May 2020

Get more claims for Runic Breeding Cave

hey people,

are there any other ways to get more claims in the runic breeding cave instead of paying real cash. i just bred the rainbow dragon but I've used my claims up. and also when does the event end?

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Theother365 Theother365 14 May 2020

Introducing Dragon Quotes!

This post has been removed because the author hated the way they wrote the article. Sorry if you were actually reading this rubbish. Here is a link to the new and improved post. Again, sorry if you were actually using this page.


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Theother365 Theother365 13 May 2020

Contest: Dragon Quotes

  • 1 What is Dragon Quotes?
    • 1.1 Rules:
  • 2 Previous Dragon Quotes Hints:
  • 3 Current Dragon Quotes Hints:
  • 4 Next Dragon Quotes contest:
    • 4.1 5/13/2020!
  • 5 Top Dragon Quotes Winners:
  • 6 All Dragon Quotes Winners:

Dragon Quotes is a contest created by Theother365 , and is a fun DragonVale trivia contest!

  1. Look at the sentence, that comes directly from the In-Game Description of a certain dragon.
    1. Hints can be found on this page, or on Theother365's Page.
  2. All dragons are from DragonVale, and Answers referencing Dragon Mania and DragonCity will be deleted
  3. Answer on Theother365's[1] message wall, you will find where to reply pretty easily.
  4. Only answer only once a day
  5. Try to come up with the dragon yourself before you go into the game, or search around the wikia, or ask a friend.
  6. No asking a …

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Gabby083013 Gabby083013 13 May 2020

My Favorites

These are two of my favorites.

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Theother365 Theother365 12 May 2020

Latest dragons

Hi WikiValers!

This is my first official post. Today we will talk about whether the newest/returning (Limited) dragons are worth it. Comment below like this:

1) yes, 2) IDK, 3) no etc, etc.

  1. Bouquet (Water, Plant, & Fire) Main use is as a racing dragon
  2. Lapis (Gemstone) Produces 4/month
  3. Emerald (Gemstone) Produces 1/week
  4. Spring (Seasonal) Its pretty, Is one of the four season dragons
  5. Sprout (Seasonal) crazy cute, at lvl. 1, there is one sprout dragon, at lvl. 4, there are two sprout dragons, and at lvl. seven, there are three of them.
  6. Wavelyte (Chrystalline) Adorable and produces up to 2/week (if you have the chrystalline boost from the first release)

All of these dragons, excepting the spring dragon will actually be extended four extra hours. The sp…

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GrandDragonCollector GrandDragonCollector 11 May 2020

What is the cutest baby dragon?

Please! Keep this page alive by commenting below!

What is the cutest baby Dragon? It's tough. They are all cute, but based on a few comments, we have a list!

Aquacorn- 2 Votes

Ruby- 2 Votes

Bubble- 1 Vote

Harmony- 1 Vote

Emerald- 1 Vote

Earth Rift- 1 Vote

Soot- 1 Vote

Smitten- 1 Vote

Conch- 1 Vote

Cactus- 1 Vote

Sonic- 1 Vote

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Theother365 Theother365 11 May 2020

Backflip to DECA

Hi Valers!

I'm here today to tell you how DECA bought backflip, and what that means for you and your park! Lets start with the easiest part: if you uploaded your park to some system, youre fine, and the updates will not erase your park.

My name is theother365, but you can call me 365, theother, or to3. I am one of the developers for DECA, but I was wth backflip before that. this post if just a test, and there will be more in the future.



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HarpyEagle123 HarpyEagle123 30 December 2019

Art Blog

Instead of a ton of messages on my Message Wall, all my DragonVale art will go on this blog. I’m not going to put all my old art on this because that would be much too hard and it’s also very old and pretty bad.

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Aubz3 Aubz3 18 October 2019

Who has all the stars for elemental dragons for vale?

I have all 50, does anyone else?

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Briggadane Briggadane 2 August 2019

Event Strategies

Ok, every event “pays” you something you exchange in an island Giftery. I am calling this earned pay “Credit”. DO NOT SPEND ANY OF YOUR CREDITS UNTIL AFTER THE EVENT ENDS, if you want to maximize how far your credits will go. The only exception to this is a Limited Time offering. Why not buy that new dragon? Because as you are breeding you may end up getting that dragon yourself. Those Credits could have been used at the end of the game on something you didn’t breed.

Maximize your gems, use your Credits to buy habitats that will cost you gems after the game ends. Buy habitats BEFORE you buy dragons. If you have 3 days to spend Credits before the event ends, you need time for the habitat to be built, otherwise the dragon you buy will need t…

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Dontpanic54 Dontpanic54 19 July 2019

Generic Filtering Page?

Is there a wiki page for the filtering capability within the Hibernation Cave, Dragon Track, Rift Hibernation Cave?  The Filter and Ascending buttons are pretty straightforward, but I just learned that '.' (period) matches any character and '$' (dollar sign) matches end of line.  However, other regular expression characters ('*', '%', '[', ']', etc.) don't appear to work.  Just curious...

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MrYokaiAndWatch902 MrYokaiAndWatch902 12 April 2019



  • 1 So what is this about?
    • 1.1 Magic
      • 1.1.1 Rare Dragons
    • 1.2 Tech
      • 1.2.1 Rare Dragons
  • 2 Facts
  • 3 BONUS: Well, Dragon Mania Legends.

WELL... I'm here to make Magic & Tech. Yes, that's literally what I've got. Magic & Tech. I'm gonna move SOME of my dragons here but I have to risk myself confusing people. THIS TIME, I'VE IMPROVED ON MY BLOGGING!

  • Magic Dragon (Magic): This dragon is mystical as it can get. Rarely a sighting of them has been seen.
  • Noxious Dragon (Magic/Plant): An unpopular dragon with a rather poisonous sneeze. Also, breath. This is mainly because it's diet consists of rotten treats. Yucky, right? Fortunately, it also snacks on normal treats.
  • Dryad Dragon (Plant/M…

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Mendo Mendo 2 April 2019

How to update variable templates

Before any editing, make sure you use the text-based Source editor as the visual editors can mess up the table formatting.

For decoration pages you will need to update the desc name on the item page itself to the one you put into the Decoration_Variable template. So for example on the Begonia Pedestal page, view the source and you can see the first line is:

To make a new entry, all you need to do is copy and paste the template and input new data. All the templates are updated very similarly.

  • The Dragon Variable does not need the dragon name defined on the page itself as it uses the page name.

There are further instructions on the various template pages themselves, listed below.

Note that some of these templates are becoming very large and might t…

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Kirstin11 Kirstin11 21 March 2019

What dragons do I have at level 39?

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Kate Aishi MMD Kate Aishi MMD 25 February 2019

Opposite Element dragons

Is it weird that all of my opposite element dragons I have, I got them by accident by trying to breed another dragon?

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Nicthewerecatqueen Nicthewerecatqueen 28 January 2019

It's been a while :)

So I'd thought I'd decide and catch you guys up at what's been happening to me Dragonvale wise. Of course, the biggest change is that I started a new park. Nothing happened to my old park...(thankfully) it's just my ipad mini is getting old and doesn't handle Dragonvale well....I couldn't even play it for 30 seconds without i tcrashing

My new park is on my andriod phone, since it's newer than my ipad mini and can handle some apps that my ipad mini can't )like Tumblr and Dragonvale world) I'm currently level 17 on my old park.

Second...it is likely that my facebook won't JUST be used for Dragonvale...with the impending shutdown of google+ I might have to use facebook for memes...sorry in advance : (

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