• HarpyEagle123

    Art Blog

    December 30, 2019 by HarpyEagle123

    Instead of a ton of messages on my Message Wall, all my DragonVale art will go on this blog. I’m not going to put all my old art on this because that would be much too hard and it’s also very old and pretty bad.

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  • Aubz3

    I have all 50, does anyone else?

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  • Briggadane

    Event Strategies

    August 2, 2019 by Briggadane

    Ok, every event “pays” you something you exchange in an island Giftery. I am calling this earned pay “Credit”. DO NOT SPEND ANY OF YOUR CREDITS UNTIL AFTER THE EVENT ENDS, if you want to maximize how far your credits will go. The only exception to this is a Limited Time offering. Why not buy that new dragon? Because as you are breeding you may end up getting that dragon yourself. Those Credits could have been used at the end of the game on something you didn’t breed.

    Maximize your gems, use your Credits to buy habitats that will cost you gems after the game ends. Buy habitats BEFORE you buy dragons. If you have 3 days to spend Credits before the event ends, you need time for the habitat to be built, otherwise the dragon you buy will need t…

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  • Dontpanic54

    Is there a wiki page for the filtering capability within the Hibernation Cave, Dragon Track, Rift Hibernation Cave?  The Filter and Ascending buttons are pretty straightforward, but I just learned that '.' (period) matches any character and '$' (dollar sign) matches end of line.  However, other regular expression characters ('*', '%', '[', ']', etc.) don't appear to work.  Just curious...

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902


    WELL... I'm here to make Magic & Tech. Yes, that's literally what I've got. Magic & Tech. I'm gonna move SOME of my dragons here but I have to risk myself confusing people. THIS TIME, I'VE IMPROVED ON MY BLOGGING!

    • Magic Dragon (Magic): This dragon is mystical as it can get. Rarely a sighting of them has been seen.
    • Noxious Dragon (Magic/Plant): An unpopular dragon with a rather poisonous sneeze. Also, breath. This is mainly because it's diet consists of rotten treats. Yucky, right? Fortunately, it also snacks on normal treats.
    • Dryad Dragon (Plant/Magic): It's not actually a dryad. Rather, it's named after its ability to suddenly make treats grow back and even…

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  • Mendo

    Before any editing, make sure you use the text-based Source editor as the visual editors can mess up the table formatting.

    For decoration pages you will need to update the desc name on the item page itself to the one you put into the Decoration_Variable template. So for example on the Begonia Pedestal page, view the source and you can see the first line is:

    To make a new entry, all you need to do is copy and paste the template and input new data. All the templates are updated very similarly.

    • The Dragon Variable does not need the dragon name defined on the page itself as it uses the page name.

    There are further instructions on the various template pages themselves, listed below.

    Note that some of these templates are becoming very large and might t…

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    gbfhhfdgfrhjbfc hfbfgbggrbbfrrrrirnr bhreqg NBWJORNQRHHHNGJTRNGQQQQ  RGQJEBO' HURRRRHR  RHBTP4IGT RRNTH5YTGGOGH5  HURT RNFREBGP1 RTY45PTP53QBGPQVVTVEJGUYYHGOUGH RHUEHGGBGHBBB        F   8 T T439999TY 9T38Y9GR 8YGRY GRY RG Y 9U3TRY831T8YYYYY347-9G13 49-7-134479-R28 H3418Y04R R8YYYY4RY 8=48Y 4R 8Y80Y 34 43R4 8 4Y08 4Y080 R8 R4 8R48 Y041 8YR8Y 41 4U 14T5447643689764898  8T8 T5 58=3 4 48 4385489 4038 9498 413 CALL DIS NUMBER IF U HAVE ANY QUESTIONS------->5807689929

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  • Kirstin11

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  • Kate Aishi MMD

    Is it weird that all of my opposite element dragons I have, I got them by accident by trying to breed another dragon?

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  • Nicthewerecatqueen

    So I'd thought I'd decide and catch you guys up at what's been happening to me Dragonvale wise. Of course, the biggest change is that I started a new park. Nothing happened to my old park...(thankfully) it's just my ipad mini is getting old and doesn't handle Dragonvale well....I couldn't even play it for 30 seconds without i tcrashing

    My new park is on my andriod phone, since it's newer than my ipad mini and can handle some apps that my ipad mini can't )like Tumblr and Dragonvale world) I'm currently level 17 on my old park. is likely that my facebook won't JUST be used for Dragonvale...with the impending shutdown of google+ I might have to use facebook for memes...sorry in advance : (

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  • CelticStar87

    Back In Time: Part 14

    January 15, 2019 by CelticStar87

    -Island of Fire and Cold-

    “Who said I wanted my job back?” Heat said. They had explained what happened with Andy over dinner.

    “I don’t understand why he reacted that way.” Celtic said with a sigh. Frost cleared the table and looked at his brother.

    “So what are you going to do?” Frost asked his twin. He hoped that Heat would decide to stay but wouldn’t be too disappointed if he decided to leave again.

    “I think I’ll stick around. At least for now and see how things go.” Heat playfully punched his brother in the arm. They joked around for a little while when they heard Arbor roar. Celtic ran outside; she recognized that roar before anyone else did.

    “Arbor? Where’s Bane?” Panic started to set in when she noticed that her husband wasn’t with his dra…

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  • CelticStar87

    Back In Time: Part 13

    January 9, 2019 by CelticStar87

    -about a month later on the Island of Fire and Cold-

    Celtic had just returned to her cottage from the forest. Bane had left early that morning to start Zarzara’s training. Heat, Frost, and Andy were joining her for dinner so she wanted to make sure she had enough time to cook something. Just as she was about to pull the ingredients out of the icebox, there was a knock at the door.

    “Come in!” She called. “I’m in the kitchen.” She added when she heard the door open.

    “A little trusting there, Celt?” Nate entered the kitchen.

    “If you had been any kind of threat, Claddagh, Sonnet, and Irish would have alerted me and you wouldn’t have gotten anywhere near the cottage.” Celtic hugged him. “Bane isn’t here.”

    “I know. He stopped by the Training Island f…

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  • CelticStar87

    Back In Time: Part 12

    January 9, 2019 by CelticStar87

    Bane could sense some tension nearby. He might have been in a state of unconsciousness but he could still feel things around him, especially Celtic’s presence. He wanted to be free from this darkness, but trusted that Celtic was doing all she could to make that happen. Suddenly he felt something soft against his lips and then something warm flow through his mouth and down his throat. It took him a few minutes to understand what this was, but it was a familiar sensation none the less. He opened his eyes for the first time in days and saw Celtic’s face above his. She was crying.

    “Tears?” His voice was hoarse and Celtic didn’t seem to hear him. He sat up and held her face in his hands to wipe away the tears. The moment she opened her eyes and …

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  • CelticStar87

    Back In Time: Part 11

    January 3, 2019 by CelticStar87

    “Nate, do you have a moment?” Bane stopped by the Training Island on his way to the Island of Fire and Cold. It had been a day since Andy stopped in to give him the arrow charm. He’d been so busy with the farms and all the new Seasonal dragons, that there hadn’t been much in the way of personal time. Celtic had said that she understood and that she was fine with everything, but now he was kicking himself for not making the time for her.

    “What’s up?” Nate was filling the water troughs. Unlike Halo, Essiw was still around, but they had lost other staff so they had more work to do. He stretched and looked at Bane. “What’s wrong?” He noted the look on his friends face.

    “How can we keep going like this? We never seem to be able to make time for e…

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  • CelticStar87

    Back In Time: Part 10

    January 3, 2019 by CelticStar87

    “Bane?” Nate asked as his friend approached him. Celtic had been awake and doing well for about a week now. They had all returned to their regular duties but were on alert so they could respond to any threat. It was unusual for Bane to leave the Seasonal Island.

    “Nate, do you have some time? I need to talk to someone about something and I can’t think of anyone else I trust with this.” Bane looked like he hadn’t been sleeping well.

    “Essiw, can you take over for a while?” Nate asked his apprentice.

    “Sure thing.” Essiw replied. He had been working with Nate since the end of the First War and usually filled in for Nate during emergencies. It was one of the goals they had set after the First War: no matter what happens, try to keep life as normal …

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  • CelticStar87

    Back In Time: Part 9

    January 3, 2019 by CelticStar87

    -Island of Fire and Cold-

    “Celty, how long are we going to be in here?” Heat asked. They’d been in the cave for about six months.

    “I’m not sure, Heat. We have to stay here until Grandma comes and says it’s safe.” Celtic smiled at him.

    “Do you think Nate and Bane are alright?” Frost asked after a while. Celtic thought for a moment.

    “I’m sure they are.” Celtic tried to reassure the boys as well as herself. She didn’t know how much longer they would have to stay in the cave, but it wasn’t uncomfortable or scary. The dragons made sure they were safe, they played with the babies, and learned all kinds of things. They were already being homeschooled, so this wasn’t much different to their life before.

    “I hope we can go home soon.” Heat said one day. …

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  • CelticStar87

    Back In Time: Part 8

    January 2, 2019 by CelticStar87

    The morning came earlier than anyone really wanted. The six ate breakfast in silence; five were still half asleep and Abigail was making a mental list of things she needed to pack for the kids. The plan was to gather everything today and spend the rest of the day with Nate and Bane. Tomorrow they would say goodbye to Nate and Bane near the entrance to the forest where the Blue Fire and Frostfire dragons would be waiting in the shadows. After saying goodbye, the dragons would lead Celtic and the twins into the forest at the same time Bane and Nate took off. That way anyone who would happen to see them would think that all five went to the Main Island.

    “Let’s go pack.” Celtic helped Frost and Heat pack a small bag before packing her own. They…

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  • CelticStar87

    Back In Time: Part 7

    January 2, 2019 by CelticStar87

    “Celtic!” Nate took off after her. He found her surrounded by dragons. They were encircling her as though they were protecting her from someone or something. He ran into the circle and pulled his sister into him. “Are you okay?”

    “Yes. I was running towards the forest when the dragons suddenly appeared. They formed the circle around me. I don’t know what’s going on.” She clung to her brother. “Can we go home now?”

    “Absolutely.” They made their way back to the cottage; the dragons never broker their circle.

    “Sorry.” Celtic sheepishly hugged her grandmother when they were safely inside.

    “There’s no need to be sorry, just don’t run away like that again.” Abigail squeezed her granddaughter tight. “Let’s get cleaned up for supper.” Celtic went to wa…

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  • CelticStar87

    Back In Time: Part 6

    January 2, 2019 by CelticStar87

    “He seems like another brother. I think he used to look out for me when I was younger – before he left for the Main Island.” She answered. She closed her eyes and let go of the worries she had been building up since her parents’ death.

    “What makes you say that?” Nate asked. He knew Bane had, but thought that Celtic hadn’t noticed.

    “It’s hard to explain. He has a familiar presence – a presence that had always made me feel safe. I don’t remember ever actually seeing him, but I definitely remember feeling him around.” She shook her head, knowing she wasn’t making any sense.

    “That kind of makes sense actually.” He thought about it. He’d sensed the same kind of presence when he first met Bane.

    “It does?” She was confused.

    “I felt the same kind of th…

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  • CelticStar87

    Back In Time: Part 5

    December 13, 2018 by CelticStar87

    “Where did you get this?” The grandmother recognized the locket but hadn’t realized there were pictures inside.

    “Momma gave it to me before she died. I know one picture is me, but I don’t know who the other child is.” Celtic looked at her grandmother.

    “Yes, that is Nate.” Abigail sighed. “No one can know who he is to you; it’s not safe for either of you.” Celtic nodded. She knew there had to be a big reason for her parents to give up a child but still, secretly, keep a picture of him.

    “He looks like daddy.” Celtic put the locket back around her neck.

    “Yes, he does.” Abigail looked up at Nate as he and Bane walked back into the room.

    “She knows?” Nate asked. A little relieved.

    “All four of us do, but not a word to anyone else. I’ve decided to sen…

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  • CelticStar87

    Back In Time: Part 4

    December 13, 2018 by CelticStar87

    “Do you trust me to keep her safe?” Bane nodded. “Then let me. Focus on what the Dragon Master tells you. That is your job right now. Protect and defend the kingdom and you will be protecting her.”

    “Okay.” Bane knew she was right. It didn’t make leaving any less difficult but he knew he had to.

    “You and Nate are welcome to stay for a day or two. I think it would so all three children some good. Especially Star. She needs to spend some time with Nate; it will do them both some good.”

    “What do you mean?” Bane questioned.

    “Oh, nothing important right now.” Abigail had a sly smile on her face. “Who was that boy that was with you earlier?” She didn’t want to ask before.

    “Justin.” Bane gritted his teeth a little. “He and I are the same age but he alw…

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  • CelticStar87

    Back In Time: Part 3

    December 13, 2018 by CelticStar87

    “Come on.” Bane said. The three fell in line at the end. Celtic’s presence hadn’t gone unnoticed by Nate and Bane. She was at the beginning, behind the caskets, holding hands with the twins. There weren’t a lot of people in the procession, at least not from the Fire and Cold Clans. Most of those present were from other Clans, including Nate’s adoptive parents. Nate knew the truth now – or at least was pretty sure he knew the truth.

    “I should have gone back.” Justin muttered.

    “No one’s stopping you?” Nate replied. Bane kept silent. They stayed with the procession and stood back when the caskets were buried. The crowd slowly started to scatter. Nate’s parents nodded at him but didn’t speak with him. There was understanding between them. Soon, …

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  • CelticStar87

    Back In Time: Part 2

    December 13, 2018 by CelticStar87

    Nate grew up on the Island of Air and Earth, but knew that he had been adopted from the Island of Fire and Cold. He had been raised by a loving couple but always wondered about his biological family.

    “Who were they?” He would often ask his parents when he was a young teen.

    “They were really dear friends of ours who asked us to take you. They feared for your life.” His father would reply.

    “I do not know if they had any more children. They had to break communication a few years ago to keep you safe.” His mother added one day, on Nate’s fourteenth birthday. “We did hear from your grandmother from time to time so we knew they were okay.”

    “Can I look for them? Can I have a name? Anything?” Nate asked.

    “I’m sorry, Son.” His father hated keeping the i…

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  • CelticStar87

    Back In Time: Part 1

    December 13, 2018 by CelticStar87

    “Are you sure you don’t want Heat and Frost to give you away again?” Nate asked Celtic as they were standing in the entry way of the cathedral.

    “As much as I love the twins and consider them my brothers, you should have been the one to give me away the first time—we just couldn’t risk it still.” Celtic looked up at the man. Their relationship was an interesting one—and one that generally had a lot of people questioning. There were times when Bane had been asked if he was jealous or angry about the relationship between Celtic and Nate. So many thought that Celtic and Nate were having an affair. “When Bane and I got married before, it was so spur of the moment that I couldn’t exactly comprehend what it would mean for you and I. Nate, I want y…

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  • CelticStar87

    I have had this idea for a little while now and have been slowly working on it over the past couple of months. "Back In Time" started out as a kind of prequel to my Elements Trilogy. It is now more of a prequel plus a heavier focus on the characters of Bane and Nate. Where the Elements Trilogy was a heavy focus on Celtic, "Back In Time" focuses on the relationship between Celtic, Nate, and Bane with a heavy emphasis on Nate and Bane's perspective. It also delves a little deeper into the friendship between Nate and Bane.

    There will be some overlap with "Enchantress of the Elements" and "Kingdom of the Elements" but without all the dialog. The overlaps are, again, more focused on Bane and Nate rather than Celtic. To fully understand the overl…

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  • Profmouse
    For more information about this event, please visit the Om of Noms: Hidden Harvest page.

    This is a guide for how to obtain every prize during the Om of Noms: Hidden Harvest event, which began on the 12th of November, 2018.

    Update: Fixed the error with info for Vidalia and Karroot.

    This event has introduced the new Aubergine Dragon, which requires a level 18 Berry Dragon, that has any rift trait, to evolve.

    To evolve into the Aubergine Dragon, it is required to be raining in the park, and 6 Jelly Plants must be fully-grown (in 6 different treat farms) but not harvested at the time of the evolution. The Jelly Plants will cost 600,000. It also requires the Jelly Plant Log decoration to be placed in the park.

    The Jelly Plant Log is currently avail…

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  • Waterlily0630


    November 9, 2018 by Waterlily0630

    Help! I just got a wish, and I don't know what to spend it on. I am a lvl 49, have 13 gems, 9,195 etherium, and 70,292,150 DC. I am trying to choose between a weather station, gemstone dragon, or omnitat. My gemstones are: Diamond, Ovalith, Lapis, Turquoise, Garnet, Jade, and Aquamarine. Please help! (Don't suggest an island, I JUST got a new one (9th island) and it's all cleared).

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  • Lily8763cp

    Dragonvale Stickers

    October 26, 2018 by Lily8763cp

    So I was looking up Dragonvale gifs and I found a collection of stickers around Dragonvale that are officially from Backflip. There are more, but here's the ones they show for free on the site.

    I don't know I am allowed to put these on the pages, since they are official content around these dragons, but I'll at least store them here. I found these stickers/gifs on this page.

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  • OtterHandstand

    Alright, so not beat around the bush, I was doing some co-op breeding and got a Snowy Olympus. Thing is, it's got that blue aura from being a twin dragon, so I can't tell which it is. If anyone could identify it, that'd be of great help. Thanks!

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  • Yumeko Jabami x

    i am back

    September 12, 2018 by Yumeko Jabami x

    with a venegnce 

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  • Bramblecloud

    leaving the wiki

    September 5, 2018 by Bramblecloud

    I am leaving the wiki because I don't play Dragonvale anymore. Please do not leave a message on my wall because I won't reply to it. 14:50, September 5, 2018 (UTC)

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  • TomFOolery2

    lol nvm

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  • The Gold Dragon

    Hello everyone!

    August 10, 2018 by The Gold Dragon

    Hey there! I'm back after...uh...4 years? It's been a long time! If you don't know me, I was pretty active in this community in 2013 and 2014. Even though it's been only 4 years, a lot has happened in my life. (Warning: Life story ahead.)

    The truth is, when I began this account, I was very young. Now before you go saying how neglectful my parents are/were, they are honestly quite old and aren't good with technology. So when they got me a Macbook Air for my birthday, I obviously went on the Internet. Being interested in Nintendo games and such, my first expierience with the internet was on a Wikia community called Fantendo. Honestly, I acted a little weird and mean, but I was just awkward.

    I was introduced to Dragonvale by my cousins. I downl…

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  • Psychecyclops
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  • Cameron the Asteroid Dragon

    Bahamut‘s Basilica.(Obtained by completing Bahamut’s Mosaic in the Mythic hall of Mysteries) Kairos’s Perch.(Obtained when Level 16

    Tiamat’s Lair.(Obtained by completing Tiamat’s Masks in the Mythic hall of Mysteries) First Galaxy Island(Obtained 2nd day of playing the game)

    Starter Island (Obtained Immediately)

    This is just a quick thing to help me make new pages/edit.

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  • GhostLynx


    July 16, 2018 by GhostLynx

    This is a list of all the locations mentioned in Dragonvale.

    Aichpey River

    Allengin Mountai

    Anayrahm Sea

    Ambrosia River

    Ami'Lya Pond

    Berrywhite Mountains

    Bridget's Pass


    Cadberry Meadows

    Cave of Wanderers

    Crane Forest

    Crimson Sea

    Drakar Forest

    Drag Marshes


    Far North

    Far South

    Ferrgneaux Academy

    Flame Swamp

    Forests of Farn

    Forests of Schloss

    Frozen Highlands



    Gerias Mines

    Great Forest

    Jungle of Viridia

    Kakapo Mountains



    Laki Chasm

    Mines of Dramoria

    Mogok Caves


    Mount Drake

    Mount Oly

    Mount Mashe

    Mouth Inn

    Nes Lake

    Palagos Islands

    Plagioclase Caves

    Pliny Foothills

    Sandara Desert

    Scar of the World

    Sedna Mountains



    Shimmering Isles

    Skyie/ Sykie Meadows (These are most likely a misspelling of the same location)

    Tannis Valley


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  • Nicthewerecatqueen

    Does it mean that after this event they'll never come back? I'm confused....

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  • StormMoons

    Dragon Checklist

    July 4, 2018 by StormMoons
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  • TomFOolery2

    So, in this blog post of mine, I had mentioned that I wished for the social menu to be improved, specifcally the random button. I want it to become truely random, taking you to any single other players park in the world. So, I thought that since that might not happen for a bit, prehaps we can do something close to that.

    Tomarrow, (5/28/18) I will get a screen-recording video (or at least I'll atempt too) which would be a tour of my park, going over each island. Ya' know. Just to show others my work, and I encourage you to do the same. Just know that screen-recordings are prefered!


    Update: Here's the video tour:

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  • Appeney


    May 27, 2018 by Appeney

    you had 5 moves. you will win if you used the moves whitout find the red dragon. if you won, quit the minigame

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  • Appeney
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  • Aryafire1

    Rise of the Vortex
    Sunrise- Dawn dragon
    Midnight- Dusk dragon
    Peacock- Lacuna dragon
    Loki- Antumbra dragon
    Clockwork- Firework dragon

    Sunrise and Midnight glided towards the Gargantuan Island to meet up with Clockwork. The Firework dragon snorted and said, "What took ye so long, mate? See you brought a friend." Midnight chuckled, "Nice to see you too, Clockwork. This is Sunrise, my denmate." Clockwork bobbed his head at Sunrise, then replied, "Alrighty, time's a-wastin. Let's get this party to the Rift."
    The trio flew out of the Gate and landed on the central island. Some islands were very different around the Riftspace: some had volcanoes, others had ice, and more had vines on them. A large, metallic dragon waited on one of the island…

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  • Smiley smiley

    For quite a while my strategy of playing has been all about optimizing, if not maximizing, the yield from the various Habitats. And it makes no difference whether the Habitat is a regular version or a Rift version.

    Yield optimization is, after a while, rather easy. At any given time there is only a single type of Habitat that will hold enough cash so as to avoid having to collect multiple times per hour and that can hold the best yielding combination of Dragons. At this time it’s a Dream Habitat, largest version, holding four Portent Dragons. True; there are better Habitats, but they are of the Event types, which limits their number way too much.

    Dream Habitats with four Portent Dragons need to be visited three times per day so as not to was…

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  • Wolfiethezwolf

    As some of you may (or may not have) noticed the past year or so I’ve had a massive dip in how active I’ve been within the community. I’ve been apart of this wonderful community for nearly six whole years and feel like I should provide an explanation. To put it bluntly the past year or so has been kinda rough on me. A year ago from when this typing I was dealing with two funerals for family members who died a week apart, since then things have snowballed massively. Still struggling to come to terms with things involving that due to having tons of questions about the second death. After that things calmed down a bit aside from some major bouts of depression and summer school due to incompetent teachers (literally had to teach myself the ent…

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  • Smiley smiley


    April 29, 2018 by Smiley smiley

    So in case you were wondering what Ts'aishen is all about... Once you get it (him?, her?) after earning (or buying...) the 50k Abundant Essence, its Habitat complets and it arrives. This appears at the bottom of the screen if you click on the Habitat:

    Note: to active its powers another 1,000 AE is required. (I'm not sure how much we can earn every day, but I doubt I'll be able to activate it more than once a day.

    Once the Activate button is pressed, this appears:

    Gems are collected as well. I checked: I didn't have any that were collectable. A little later one did appear... Note the bonus line. Apparently this is a percentage of my total capacity (I suppose the total amount of DC my habitats can hold all together), as per this screen:

    Bonus Dr…

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  • Mimsyedge23

    ok so i know people will never read this but if you do hi. so the reason im creating this blog post is because i had the craziest thing happen to me when i was breeding dragons together. so ive had Dragonvale for a long time 8 years to be exact but i stop playing when i moved house and ive recently picked it up again. ANYWAY i feel like im rambling though this keybord if that makes sense?..... so yesterday i was breeding dragons (i feel like im repeating myself i suck at writing) and in my normal breeding cave i put mt level 14 earth dragon with my level 16 cold dragon expecting to get a mountain well i checked the icubation time and it was 13 hours  but no cold and earth hybrid has an icubation time of 13 hours the closest it has to that …

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  • Aryafire1

    A New World in Dragonvale
    Sunrise- Dawn dragon
    Midnight- Dusk dragon
    Peacock- Lacuna dragon
    Loki- Antumbra dragon

    Sunrise happily zoomed all over their Moon habitat. Yesterday while Midnight stayed in Dragonvale, Sunrise and Peacock spent all day tracking and chasing a new dragon species they glimpsed in the Rift. "Okay," she twittered. "Today, you should come help us track the new dragon Peacock and I saw in the Ether. It looked really cool and metallic. What happened while I was away?" Midnight looked up at her and smiled, "Oh, nothing too exiting. Just a mini-festival that you missed." Sunrise angrily squawked, "WHAT?! And you didn't come get me? What happened?" Midnight had to explain everything, from the tents on the Gargantuan …

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  • Redstonerunner

    The Dragon Of Life The new legendary dragon Sparta is coming its way!

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  • Smiley smiley

    626 days later...

    January 20, 2018 by Smiley smiley

    Wrong year...: should have been 991 days...😋

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  • AnAngrySquirrel


    January 11, 2018 by AnAngrySquirrel

    So, I'm leaving the wiki. Its been a fun time here, but I'm getting bored with dragonvale, and this community in general. I will be posting some gifts for people here soon. Goodbye, it has been an interesting time on this wiki.

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