"The Vault of Abundance rewards you a Vault Chest every day. Now having located the Token of Luck, we continue our quest to find the Binding of Prosperity, in the hopes that one day bringing all three of Ts'aishen's legendary relics together will grant the ability to summon the legendary dragon himself."
  — Game Description 


The Binding of Prosperity is the third and final stage that must be completed before being able to summon Ts'aishen. To complete this stage, the player has to collect ten different fragments. The only ways to collect these fragments are to trade in abundant essence or be fortunate enough to earn a fragment from a daily vault chest.

The Fragments

Image Position Price
BindingOfProsperity-TopCoinLeft Top Coin Left Abundant essence template 1,400
BindingOfProsperity-TopCoinRight Top Coin Right Abundant essence template 1,400
BindingOfProsperity-RightCoinTop Right Coin Top Abundant essence template 1,400
BindingOfProsperity-RightCoinBottom Right Coin Bottom Abundant essence template 1,400
BindingOfProsperity-LeftCoinTop Left Coin Top Abundant essence template 1,450
BindingOfProsperity-LeftCoinBottom Left Coin Bottom Abundant essence template 1,450
BindingOfProsperity-TopLeftCoinRibbon Left/Top Coin Ribbon Abundant essence template 4,200
BindingOfProsperity-TopRightCoinRibbon Top/Right Coin Ribbon Abundant essence template 4,200
BindingOfProsperity-LeftRightCoinRibbon Right/Left Coin Ribbon Abundant essence template 4,200
BindingOfProsperity-BottomRibbon Bottom Ribbon Abundant essence template 4,000
Abundant essence template 25,100


  • Binding of Prosperity While Incomplete Example
  • Fragment Obtained From A Vault Chest Example
  • Binding of Prosperity Ready to Summon


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