"Mythic dragon Bahamut hails from a realm nearly forgotten. Collect all of the fragments of Bahamut's Mosaic to summon him to your park! Once summoned, you can activate Bahamut's power once per day for the chance to level up a dragon with a matching trait."
  — Game Description 


Bahamut's Mosaic consists of ten fragments that must be assembled to summon Bahamut. Each fragment can be collected by either rolling the Mythic Die or by buying them with gems.

The Fragments

The Bahamut's Mosaic fragments can be obtained by spending gems totaling Gem template 1,600 if all are purchased, or by rolling a dice at the Mythic Hall of Mysteries each day to have a chance to obtain one or two fragments that day.

Image Position Price
Bahamut'sMosaicRightBottom Fourth Row - Right Side Gem template 50
Bahamut'sMosaicLeftBottom Fourth Row - Left Side Gem template 50
Bahamut'sMosaicTopRight Third Row - Right Side Gem template 100
Bahamut'sMosaicCenter3 Third Row - Center Gem template 200
Bahamut'sMosaicRightCenter Third Row - Left Side Gem template 100
Bahamut'sMosaicLeftCenter Second Row - Right Side Gem template 50
Bahamut'sMosaicCenter2 Second Row - Left Side Gem template 200
Bahamut'sMosaicTopCenter First Row - Right Side Gem template 200
Bahamut'sMosaicCenter1 First Row - Center Gem template 600
Bahamu'sMosaicTopLeft First Row - Left Side Gem template 50


  • Bahamut's Mosaic Part 1
  • Roll or Buy Bahamut's fragment Message Card
  • Swipe to Roll


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