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Arcane Arena

Available Level 11
Buy Ring N/A
Sell Ring N/A
EXP NewExperienceIcon N/A
Upgradable From: N/A Size N/A
Upgradable To: N/A Building Time N/A
Game Description
Come one, come all, to the Arcane Arena! Team up with your friends to enter both of your dragons in such daring feats as Tribreathlon and Skykwondo to earn Rings. Pick dragons to match the elements, and remember that higher level dragons yield better rewards. Let the games begin!

Update  During the Arcane Pentournament, players were able to send two dragons, (one of your dragons, and one of your Friends' dragons) on a challenge from the Arcane Arena to try to earn Rings to trade in at the Prize Pavilion.

Update  Each challenge from the Arcane Arena takes 2 Hours to complete.

Update  Players can send their dragons on a maximum of five challenges per day.


Challenge Common Elements Recommended Dragons
Air and Field Air Flag Earth Flag Sandstorm Dragon, Dodo Dragon
Air Polo Plant Flag Air Flag Pollen Dragon, Willow Dragon, Orchid Dragon
Chilling Chase Cold Flag Metal Flag Steel Dragon, Mine Dragon, Silver Dragon
Dual Duel Earth Flag Light Flag Dark Flag Cold Flag Any combination of these four elements
Frostbitten Freestyle Earth Flag Cold Flag Mountain Dragon, Ghost Dragon, Glacier Dragon, Arctic Dragon
Lightning Lances Lightning Flag Dark Flag Spark Dragon, Darkling Dragon, Wraith Dragon, Hidden Bolt Dragon
Molten Mashup Earth Flag Water Flag Dark Flag Fire Flag Any combination of these four elements
Rainbow Run Light Flag Fire Flag Water Flag Lightning Flag Rainbow Dragon, Double Rainbow Dragon
Rift Riding Light Flag Dark Flag Shadow Dragon, Mirage Dragon, Dark Rift Dragon, Light Rift Dragon
Scaley Relay Metal Flag Plant Flag Water Flag Dark Flag Any combination of these four elements
Skydiving Water Flag Air Flag Vortex Dragon, Fog Dragon, Rain Dragon
Skykwondo Fire Flag Air Flag Dark Flag Lightning Flag Any combination of these four elements
Synchronized Flying Cold Flag Air Flag Light Flag Water Flag Polarian Dragon
Tail Tag Plant Flag Metal Flag Malachite Dragon, Ironwood Dragon, Thorn Dragon, Iron Blossom Dragon
Tandem Tangle Plant Flag Water Flag Metal Flag Lightning Flag Procyon Dragon
Three-Winged Race Plant Flag Cold Flag Air Flag Fire Flag Any combination of these four elements
Tribreathlon Earth Flag Lightning Flag Metal Flag Fire Flag Teidian Dragon
Valeball Fire Flag Lightning Flag Firefly Dragon, Scorch Dragon
Winglifting Earth Flag Metal Flag Light Flag Cold Flag Any combination of these four elements
Wingminton Plant Flag Light Flag Meadow Dragon, Luminous Dragon


Prizes Double Ring
Weekend Prizes
Triple Ring
Weekend Prizes
Ring 25 Ring 50 Ring 75
Ring 50 Ring 100 Ring 150
Ring 100 Ring 200 Ring 300


Release History

Release Removal
June 30, 2016 September 7, 2016


Possible References

  • The names of some of the challenges in the Arcane Arena may be references or play-on-names of Olympic events, sports, or competitive games:
    • "Air and Field" may be referencing "Track and Field"
    • "Air Polo" may be referencing "Water Polo"
    • "Scaley Relay" may be referencing "Relay Races"
    • "Skydiving" may be referencing "Diving"
    • Skykwondo" may be referencing "Taekwondo"
    • Synchronized Flying" may be referencing "Synchronized Swimming"
    • "Three-Winged Race" may be referencing "Three-Legged Race"
    • "Tribreathalon" may be referencing "Triathlon"
    • "Valeball" may be referencing "Volleyball"
    • "Winglifting" may be referencing "Weight Lifting"
    • "Wingminton" may be referencing "Badminton"

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