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Whitbee's Candy Bash was a special, limited time event by DragonVale which required players to collect candy and release them to the Wizard to receive prizes.

Candy needed to be collected and released to the Wizards at the Whitbee's Castle. Each prize required a certain amount of candy to be traded in to be earned. The last prize - Spooky Theme - could be earned a total of twelve times by releasing Candy template 1,680 twelve times. The cumulative cost after all twelve Spooky Themes had been earned was Candy template 24,000.

Prize Individual Cost Cumulative Cost
Whitbee's Lantern Candy template 240 Candy template 240
Nosferatu Pedestal Candy template 480 Candy template 720
Dark Theme Candy template 1,440 Candy template 2,160
First Nosferatu Dragon Candy template 1,200 Candy template 3,360
Second Nosferatu Dragon Candy template 480 Candy template 3,840
Spooky Theme Candy template 1,680 Candy template 5,520

If a player turned in more candies than required to obtain their next prize the remaining candies was accumulated in the candy storage meter for the next prize. The candy storage meter would not reset to zero.

What is the Whitbee's Candy Bash?[]

The Whitbee's Candy Bash's objective was to collect candy for the Wizard Whitbee.

The Whitbee's Candy Bash helped build on the Spooky Island where the Whitbee's Castle, Whitbee's Lantern, a Nosferatu Pedestal, two Nosferatu Dragons, a Dark Island Theme, and a Spooky Island Theme were located which enabled players to obtain them as exclusive rewards for their efforts.

The "Info" section of Prizes section in the Whitbee's Candy Bash Help Menu provided a display of the info box for their respective prizes which were viewed by clicking the prize after obtaining it.


The Whitbee's Candy Bash started with a tutorial explaining how Whitbee's Candy Bash will work.

The process of this tutorial is able to be viewed in the gallery to the right.

The tutorial took a few minutes to complete from beginning to end, but players received Candy template 130 as a goal completion reward after completing the tutorial.

Prize Completion[]

When enough candy were collected they were able to be traded in for prizes. Upon receiving a prize a message card popped-up.

This is the process in which the prize completion occurred.

The prizes were able to be collected from the Gifts section in the Social Menu.


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  • On October 8, 2014, Update 2.6.0 was available in the App Store and Google Play, and included a brief description about the Whitbee's Candy Bash. However, the event did not begin until the following day and only a few minor changes were made upon updating the game such as a different loading screen and DragonVale icon.
  • The Whitbee's Candy Bash began on October 9, 2014 ended on November 4, 2014.
  • With the exception of Dark Theme, the Whitbee's Candy Bash rewards were never available for purchase in the market.
  • To obtain the Whitbee's Candy Bash rewards, a player needed to turn in candy at Whitbee's Castle from October 9, 2014 to November 4, 2014.
  • On October 17, 2014, Backflip Studios made it possible to collect twice the amount of candy from completing the tasks in the Whitbee's Candy Bash event and doubled the daily capacity of candy. This was a "weekend only" promotion and only lasted for 72 hours.
  • Players who finished the Whitbee's Candy Bash by earning all the rewards from the event were, unlike previous events, able to keep on collecting candy until the event officially ended, the Spooky Island did not disappear and the event did not end "earlier" for them.
  • On November 3, 2014 a glitch occurred to some players following the end of Double Candy Weekend which resulted in their collected candy which was not turned in being reset to zero.
    • On November 4, 2014 following the end of the Whitbee's Candy Bash event, players whose parks were identified as being affected by the glitch received 100 gems, some extra treats, and the next prize in the event as compensation for the trouble caused. If a player had already completed the event and had earned all rewards, he or she would get everything except for another / the "next" reward.
  • The Whitbee's Candy Bash ended on November 4, 2014, at approximately 16:30:00 (UTC).

Possible References[]

  • The namesake of Whitbee's Candy Bash, Wizard Whitbee, is probably a reference to the town of Whitby in North Yorkshire, England, which features heavily in Bram Stoker's 1897 novel, "Dracula".

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