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Treasure Habitat

Available Level 19
Buy Coin template 5,000,000
Sell Coin template 2,500,000
EXP Xp template 75,000
Size 6 X 6
Element Treasure
Dragon Capacity 3
Upgradable From: N/A Currency Capacity Coin template 1,000,000
Upgradable To: N/A Building Time 6 H
Game Description
The old myth that dragons hoard treasure came about thanks to one of the more unique behaviors of rare metal dragons ...they like to sleep on pillows made of piles of treasure. Thankfully, this habitat holds a king's fortune and should be able to keep a couple of these precious dragons happy for quite some time! If you happen to notice any of your valuables missing you should probably look here first though. Just in case.


  • The Treasure Habitat was released on July 12, 2012, along with the Gold Dragon, and the Malachite Dragon.
  • The Treasure Habitat's capacity was increased from 2 to 3 dragons and 750,000 to 1,000,000 total dragoncash on December 13, 2012.
  • The Treasure Habitat is the first epic habitat released that can hold more than one dragon.
  • On April 29, 2013, the Treasure Habitat received its own unique sound upon clicking it.
  • Initially, the Treasure Habitat was available at level 17, but the level availability was changed on October 9, 2013, to level 19.

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