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Storage Tower

Available Level 20
Buy Coin template 2,718,281
Sell Coin template N/A
EXP Xp template 3,000
Stage Capacity: 10 Storage Slots Size 4 X 4
Upgrade Cost: Gem template 50 Building Time Instant
Game Description
So many decorations, so little space. Not any more! The storage tower has 5 slots for items. Better yet? Similar items magically stack and take up only 1 slot. You can upgrade the tower to add more slots.

Max Capacity[]

The Storage Tower's max capacity is displayed for each individual upgrade.

Slot Capacity Gems to Upgrade
10 Slots N/A
20 Slots 50
30 Slots 100
40 Slots 150

Update Note: The total cost of the completely upgraded Storage Tower is Gem template 300.


  • The Storage Tower can store:
  • The maximum for any one item is 99.
  • The Storage Tower indicates whether or not a stored item is limited or not.
  • An item is stored by selecting the item and choosing the "Stow" icon.
  • Items are sorted alphabetically in the Storage Tower.



  • The Storage Tower was released on March 26, 2013.
  • Flags are stored by element type. 3x plant flags and 4x earth flags will take up two slots.
  • Egg pedestals are stored by dragon type. 2x with Air and Sonic egg pedestals, respectively, will take up two slots.
  • Anything stored in the Storage Tower will not count towards any maximum that may exist in the market (for buildings or habitats). It is impossible, however, to exceed that maximum on any islands.
  • On April 29, 2013, egg pedestals could be able to be stored in the Storage Tower.
  • A new upgrade was added on December 11, 2013, allowing ten more slots. Maximum 35 now can be stored.
  • A confirmation message pops up on the screen for players to double check if they would like to stow an item in the Storage Tower or/and when an item can not be stowed.
  • On August 26, 2014, the Storage Tower starting amount was increased from 5 to 10, allowing for five more additional slots in the Storage Tower.

Possible References[]

  • The price of the Storage Tower may be a reference to the value of e, a mathematical constant.
  • Tower of Power, referenced in the description of the second update, is an American R&B-based horn section and band, originating in Oakland, California.

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