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Magic eggs were hunted and collected to later be traded at The Vernal Glass to receive prizes in the Magic Egg Hunt. Prizes include decorations, two dragons, and an island. Each prize required a certain amount of magic eggs to be traded in to be earned.

The total amount of magic eggs needed to earn all of the prizes was 4,000 magic eggs.

Prize Individual Cost Cumulative Cost
The Egg of Burcadia MagicEgg 80 MagicEgg 80
Ovalith Pedestal MagicEgg 160 MagicEgg 240
Gemstone Reward Habitat MagicEgg 160 MagicEgg 400
First Ovalith Dragon MagicEgg 800 MagicEgg 1,200
Second Ovalith Dragon MagicEgg 800 MagicEgg 2,000
Lost Island MagicEgg 2,000 MagicEgg 4,000

After a player turned in 4,000 magic eggs, a completed replica of The Vernal Glass is gifted along with the Lost Island.

If a player turned in more magic eggs than required to obtain their next prize the remaining magic eggs went towards the following prize and the magic egg storage meter was reset to zero.

After the Magic Egg Hunt ended, any players who did not get the Lost Island received a complete replica of The Vernal Glass

What is the Magic Egg Hunt?[]

The Magic Egg Hunt's objective was to power up the The Vernal Glass.

The Magic Egg Hunt helped build on the Lost Island where the The Vernal Glass, the last remaining Ovalith Dragons, an Ovalith Pedestal, a unique Gemstone Habitat, and The Egg of Burcadia are located, which enabled players to obtain them as exclusive rewards for their efforts.

The "Info" section of Prizes section in the Magic Egg Hunt Help Menu provided a display of the info box for their respective prizes which were viewed by clicking the prize after obtaining it.


The Magic Egg Hunt started with a tutorial explaining how Magic Egg Hunt will work.

The process of this tutorial can be viewed in the gallery to the right.

The tutorial took a few minutes to complete from beginning to end, but players received MagicEgg 50 as a goal completion reward after completing the tutorial.

Prize Completion[]

When enough magic eggs were collected they were able to be traded in for prizes. Upon receiving a prize a message card popped-up.

This is the process in which the prize completion occured.

The prizes were able to be collected from the Gifts section in the Social Menu.

The only way a player could have received enough magic eggs to receive the Lost Island was through game play and by purchasing some in the market. The Lost Island was exclusive content to the Magic Egg Hunt, and serves a permanent testament of a player's efforts to restore the city of Burcadia.



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