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Update Note: Permanent island themes are located on the Island Themes page.

Update Note: island theme bundles are located on the Island Theme Bundles page.

Update Note: Permanent island themes obtained as limited rewards are reflected above with the necessary currency.


Each of the island themes comes with its own specific animations around the edges of the island:

Theme Animation
Spooky Theme
Wonderland Theme Lights turning off and on in houses, wizards sledding on slides, twinkle in the snow


Each of the island themes comes with its own specific sounds when zoomed in on the island:

Theme Sounds
Spooky Theme Day -

Night -

Wonderland Theme Day - Ice cracking, gust of wind, light dinging / tinkling of chimes.

Night -

Release History[]

Island Theme Date Added
Spooky Theme Whitbee's Candy Bash
Wonderland Theme Season of Goodies

After Release Prices[]

The following island themes appeared again after its release at the following prices:

Island Theme Arrival Removal Price Level
Spooky Theme December 18, 2014 Gem template 500 Level 10



  • During the Whitbee's Candy Bash, players were able to obtain one Dark Theme as a reward.
  • The description for the Spooky Theme was unable to be viewed until the player earned at least one Spooky Theme.

Possible References[]

  • The Wonderland Theme has a cozy winter village on it with an ice skating rink and wizards sledding. This may be reference to how some people go to a ski resort on holiday in the winter where there are options to ice skate and sled.
  • The name of the theme and aesthetic design of the Wonderland Theme may be reference to the the song "Winter Wonderland" written by Felix Bernard (music) and Richard B. Smith (lyricist), and covered by over 200 artists.

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