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Large Apocalypse Habitat

Available Level 28
Buy Coin template 4,500,000
Sell Coin template 2,250,000
EXP Xp template 2,500,000
Size 7 X 7
Element Apocalypse
Dragon Capacity 4
Upgradable From: Apocalypse Habitat Currency Capacity Coin template 1,250,000
Upgradable To: N/A Building Time 24 H
Game Description
In summoning the chunks of Garita, no wizard or witch could have predicted the need to contain the ever-expanding magics contained within. Thanks to quick thinking by the witch Vuluca in capping the magic inside a dome, apocalypse dragons everywhere can now enjoy the safer, larger habitat.

Appearance Change History[]

Animation On Animation Off
October 21, 2014 November 4, 2014
December 17, 2014



  • The Large Apocalypse Habitat was released on October 7, 2014, along with the Ragnarok Dragon.
  • When first released, the Large Apocalypse Habitat purchase price was Coin template 1,500,000 and the selling price was Coin template 750,000, it was changed to Coin template 4,500,000 and the selling price changed from Coin template 750,000 to Coin template 2,250,000 shortly after it was released.
  • Buying a Large Apocalypse Habitat does NOT increase your chances of getting an epic dragon with the apocalypse element.

Possible References[]

  • The Large Apocalypse Habitat's description mentions "Garita". This is likely a reference to La Garita Caldera, once thought to be the largest volcanic eruption in the history of the Earth.

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