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Update Note: Limited island themes are located on the Limited Island Themes page.

Update Note: Island theme bundles are located on the Island Theme Bundles page.

Island themes are available through the "Islands" section of the market and are a purely aesthetic feature which change the appearance and sounds of the island which they are applied to. Application of island themes is controlled by tapping on the Magic Portal of an island and selecting "Island Themes".

There are ten different kinds of island themes; one for each element.

Island themes cost 250 gems each, and affect one island. However, up to 12 island themes of each element can be purchased.


Each of the island themes comes with its own specific animations around the edges of the island:

Theme Animation
Plant Theme Leaves blowing in the wind
Fire Theme Dripping lava goo
Earth Theme Falling gravel and dust
Cold Theme Small sparkles on the snow
Lightning Theme Small static lightning bolts
Water Theme Shimmer in the water ponds
Air Theme Gusts of wind currents
Metal Theme Shimmers in the shards
Light Theme Upward beams of light
Dark Theme Upward clouds of dark smoke


Each of the island themes comes with its own specific sounds when zoomed in on the island:

Theme Sounds
Plant Theme Day - Birds, Jungle birds, Crows, Frogs, Woodpeckers, and Bees.

Night - Leaves, Dusk frogs, Dusk crickets, Dusk hoots, and Dusk loon.

Fire Theme Day - Wind gusts, Lava, Leaves, and Crows.

Night - Wind gusts, Lava, and Leaves.

Earth Theme Day - Wind gusts, Leaves, Cicadas, Hornets, and Crows.

Night - Wind gusts, Leaves, Dusk hoots, and Dusk crickets.

Cold Theme Day - Wind gusts, and Crows.

Night - Wind gusts.

Lightning Theme Day - Wind gusts, Zaps, Grasshoppers, Crows, and Hornets.

Night - Wind gusts, Zaps, and Dusk crickets.

Water Theme Day - Jungle birds, Frogs, Cicadas, and Wind gusts.

Night - Dusk frogs, Dusk crickets, Dusk hoots, Dusk loon, and Wind gusts.

Air Theme Day - Birds, Crows, Woodpeckers, Wind gusts, Leaves, Creaks, and Cicadas.

Night - Wind gusts, Leaves, Dusk crickets, Dusk hoots, and Tree groans.

Metal Theme Day - Wind gusts, Leaves, Grasshoppers, Crows, and Hornets.

Night - Wind gusts, Dusk crickets, and Leaves.

Light Theme Day - Birds, Crows, and Grasshoppers.

Night - Leaves, and Dusk crickets.

Dark Theme Day - Wind gusts, Lava, Leaves, Crows, Hornets, and Grasshoppers.

Night - Wind gusts, Lava, Leaves, Dusk crickets, and Crows.

Release History[]

Island Theme Date Added
Plant Theme Initial Release
Fire Theme Initial Release
Earth Theme Initial Release
Cold Theme Initial Release
Lightning Theme * October 2, 2014
Water Theme * October 2, 2014
Air Theme * October 23, 2014
Metal Theme * October 23, 2014
Light Theme * November 4, 2014
Dark Theme * November 4, 2014 **

Additional Release History Information
 * Upon the initial release of the island themes, these island themes were available for purchase through the "Island Theme Bundle" prior to their official release to the market.
 ** The Dark Theme was obtainable during the Whitbee's Candy Bash.


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  • The island themes were added on September 23, 2014.
    • The first four island themes (plant, earth, fire, and cold) were available for individual purchase, but the other six elemental island themes were only accessible by purchase of the "Island Theme Bundle".
  • Players who log in after updating to 2.5.0 and play through the island themes tutorial are rewarded with the plant theme for free.
  • An island theme cannot be placed on the Lost Island, even though it has a Magic Portal.
  • The "Island Theme Bundle" was offered at a 300 gem discount (1,950 gems) for 24 hours from the first time players opened his/her park after updating to version 2.5.0.

Possible References[]

  • The lines "let it go: cover it all with ice and snow" in the description of the Cold Theme might be a reference to the movie Frozen.

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