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Island Theme Bundle
DragonIconB - Cold Iconb
Available Level 25
Buy Gem template 2,250
Sell Coin template N/A
EXP Xp template N/A
Size Standard
Element N/A
Current Theme:
Max Amount 10 Themes
Game Description
Get exclusive early access to all ten of the elemental themes!

This bundle contains:
Plant Theme
Fire Theme
Earth Theme
Cold Theme
Air Theme
Water Theme
Lightning Theme
Metal Theme
Dark Theme
Light Theme

Update Note: Permanent island themes are located on the Island Themes page.

Update Note: Limited island themes are located on the Limited Island Themes page.

Release History[]

Island Theme Date Added
Island Theme Bundle September 23, 2014
Cold Island Theme Bundle Decemeber 18, 2014


  • The first island themes was added on September 23, 2014.
    • The first four island themes (plant, earth, fire, and cold) were available for individual purchase, but the other six elemental island themes were only accessible by purchase of the "Island Theme Bundle".
  • The "Island Theme Bundle" was offered at a 300 gem discount (1,950 gems) for 24 hours from the first time players opened his/her park after updating to version 2.5.0.

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