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Heartfelt Bridge

Available Level 16
Buy Coin template 214,214
Sell Coin template 107,107
EXP Xp template 107,107
Size 2 X 2
Element None
Limited: AVAILABLE Limit Unlimited
Game Description
It's said that the first witch and wizard once met on a bridge much like this one. Except it didn't have hearts adorning it. Or flowers growing on it. And it wasn't made of stone. Anyway, it's a nice bridge.

Release History[]

Release Removal
February 12, 2014 February 18, 2014
June 20, 2014 June 30, 2014
December 18, 2014
Bold = Bring 'Em Back Event Dates Italics = Comeback Event Dates
Affiliated Dragon: Moonstruck Dragon


Possible References[]

  • The Heartfelt Bridge's purchase price of Coin template 214,214, is likely a reference to Valentine's Day being on February 14; also written as 2/14 or 2-14.

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