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Gloaming Gate

During Event - After Event

Available Level 1
Individual Cost Firefly N/A
Cumulative Cost Firefly N/A
EXP Xp template N/A
Event: Firefly Festival Size N/A
Reward Amount N/A Building Time N/A
Game Description
The last Firefly Festival was held uncounted centuries ago. Since then the Gloaming Gate has sat unused. Luckily, the artisan wizard Teekal was up to the challenge of renovating it in time for the arrival of the fireflies. Pleased by the result, he was set upon by a palpable sense of serenity as he gazed upon his completed work.

Update Note: The 'Reward Amount' is determined by the amount of fireflies accumulated during the event.

Gloaming Gate is a structure which plays an important part in the Firefly Festival Event.

During the event, fireflies were collected by doing normal park activities. The fireflies were "turned in" to the Gloaming Gate for prizes based on the number of fireflies collected since their last prize was awarded. The Gloaming Gate's infobox has a reset timer that indicates when more fireflies are released to be collected by players.

Gloaming Gate consists of eight panels in eight sections, which can each be restored by turning in a certain amount of fireflies. When each one of the eight sections is completed, the respective prize is awarded. Panels and sections are restored in a fixed order, and as such prizes are also awarded in a fixed order. Each prize must be obtained before fireflies can be contributed to obtaining the next.

Upon selecting the Gloaming Gate, the options for "Help", "Turn In Fireflies", "Buy", and "Info" were displayed.

"Help" opened up two tabs which provide information on the Firefly Festival rules and prizes.

"Rules" offered short descriptions of each of the aspects of the Firefly Festival. Information on each of the prizes is accessed through the "Prize" tab.

The option to "Turn In Fireflies" is only activated when a player has collected enough fireflies for the next reward. Besides that, an animation would occur on that specific reward when there are enough fireflies to be traded in to receive it.

The prizes awarded through the Gloaming Gate are (in order) the Dawnbreak Edifice, Dawn Pedestal, Dawn Dragon, Duskfall Edifice, Dusk Pedestal, Dusk Dragon, Celestial Habitat, and the Twilight Tower.

Upon obtaining the Twilight Tower, a player was given a restored replica of the Gloaming Gate as a movable decoration in the form of the Gloaming Stone.


Release History[]

Release Removal
July 10, 2014 August 4, 2014


Possible References[]

  • The description mentions "sense of serenity as he gazed upon his completed work". This may be a reference to the science fiction show Firefly and sequel film Serenity. The eponymous spaceship Serenity is a Firefly class ship.

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