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Current Glitches

  • Curious Visitors: When you place an object (habitat or decoration) in the path of a visitor, the visitor appears to be walking in or over the object.
  • Camera to Kairos glitch: Sometimes when you press on the grass on the second island the camera will move to the Perch of Kairos.
  • Coin Graphic Glitch: Sometimes after collecting dragoncash from a habitat, the coin graphic above the habitat does not disappear. This will be corrected after a short freeze in the game.
  • Colosseum Graphical Glitch: When there is a water competition in the Colosseum, some dragons that are supposed to swim walk on the bottom underwater.
  • Cracked Tiles: Sometimes, when you tap on a tile in the first island, it looks cracked.
  • Dragon Growth Glitch: Sometimes when feeding a dragon to its Max Level, it may appear smaller than other adults of the same kind of dragon. It will return to its right size if you leave the park and come back.
  • Dragon Race Glitch: Sometimes when you start a race in the Dragon Track, the 50,000 dragoncash entry fee will be deducted from your total, but the race will not start.
  • Dragon Size Glitch: Several dragons, including the Rain Dragon and Seasonal Dragon, may grow very large upon reaching certain levels, although most return to normal size once the game is closed and re-opened.
  • Dragon Sound Glitch 1: When feeding a baby dragon to adult, closing the infobox of that dragon and opening it again, the adult dragon will sound like the baby.
  • Dragon Sound Glitch 2: Sometimes when opening the infobox of a dragon the dragon will not do any sound, then every dragon infobox in the same habitat you tap will have no sound.
  • Dragon Standing in Air Glitch: At various times, including during the upgrade of the Air Habitat or after collecting coins at a friend's park, Air dragons appear to be standing on air.
  • Dragon Track Music Glitch: When you enter a race right when the music stops, game music will play instead of the racing music.
  • Elemental Breath 2 Glitch: When you visit a friend's park and tap a party hat while the dragon in that habitat is breathing its elemental breath, the breath may continue to come out even when the dragon's mouth is closed. This stops when it breathes again.
  • Elemental Breath 3 Glitch: When you are taking an action on a habitat (such as upgrading) and you select Cancel as soon as a dragon in the habitat starts breathing its Elemental Breath, the breathing does not stop. Closing and re-opening the game fixes this.
  • Elemental Breath glitch: Sometimes, a dragon opens its mouth to breathe its elemental breath, but no breath comes out.
  • Entrance Portal Glitch: If you move the Entrance Portal of an island to a place with paths around it, the four tiles on the sides will not become squared until the next time you edit your paths.
    • Note: This glitch will NOT work if you manually place paths around the portal.
  • Firework Dragon landing glitch: In a Large Air Habitat, a Firework Dragon is able to land in the air all the way on bottom of the habitat, in the hole.
  • Floating Visitors: Sometimes a visitor walks on the air between two or more islands.
  • Fountain of Youth Glitch: When you put a Water Dragon or Water Hybrid in the Fountain of Youth, it may get stuck in the thick area of the water while in its juvenile stage.
  • Fountain of Youth Tree Glitch: When you place any 1x1 decoration on the far left corner of the Fountain of Youth, it will appear to be sitting on the tree in the corner.
  • Frozen Visitors: When a visitor goes to a path and they are in a corner the visitors do not move anywhere.
  • Gemstone Island Waterfall Glitch: When you click on the southern part of the right waterfall just below the island it will take you to the right (autumn) habitat instead of the south (winter) habitat. The same thing happens for the left waterfall but then it takes you to the left (spring) habitat.
  • Glacier Dragon Glitch: When having a level 11 Glacier Dragon or higher in the Colosseum, parts of its body (the tail) will go through the boundaries of the Colosseum.
    • Note: This glitch may happen for more dragons than the Glacier Dragon.
  • Kairos Call Glitch: When you summon Kairos back to the perch using the SummonDragon button, it will shrink for a split second after it lands and then return to normal size.
  • Kairos Elemental Breath Glitch: When Kairos breathes its elemental breath, is elemental breath continues when Kairos is called or activated. The player may need to reload the game to stop the glitch.
  • Kairos Standing Glitch: Somethimes, when you activate Kairos power while he is flying, he will stand in the air for a few seconds and then return to the Perch of Kairos.
  • Kairos Tail Glitch: Sometimes when Kairos is sitting on his pedestal, his tail will swing behind the Time Claw or behind the Chronolith rather than in front of them.
  • Leveling Glitch: Sometimes when you level up a dragon quickly, only the lower half of the dragon can be seen and the screen will freeze for a second. Then, the game will go back to normal.
  • Mountain Dragon Growth Glitch: A Mountain Dragon that has been through The Fountain of Youth will take on a growth bigger than any evolution at level 13.
  • Moving Brick Tiles: If you zoom out a little from your island and move the camera to a different place it will seem that the brick tiles move on the spot.
  • Name Glitch: When you view a dragon in a public park, its breed name will appear instead of its given nickname. In some parks, the Luminous Dragon and Iceberg Dragon's "I" in their name will be black instead of its default white.
  • Negative Gems Glitch: After giving all available gems in the Gifts tab of the Social menu, tapping the Friends tab shows gifts available, which if tapped can bring your available gifts to "-1" or less.
    • Note: The recipient does not actually receive the 'negative' gem.
  • No Music Glitch: Sometimes when you exit the DragonVale app for a long period of time and then return, the game will start right back where you left it, without going through the loading screen, but there will be no music playing. The sounds effects (tapping, dragon sounds) will still play, however. Correcting this may require a full re-start of the device.
  • Non-Joining Paths: Sometimes, when you edit your paths on an island and they are meant to join, they will not join.
  • Racing Glitch In the Dragon Track, a race may be displayed more than once, earning you the same prizes over and over again.
  • Random Coin Glitch: In some situations, when the user closes a dragon's window, a random dragoncash will appear and the window will look extremely faded for a second.
  • Random Treat Graphic Glitch: A habitat may display a food icon despite the fact that no food can be collected. Money can still be collected by visiting the habitat and collecting it.
  • Resource Exposed Code Glitch: When opening a menu for the first time since opening the game, the resource amount will be replaced with code until you close it, it will not appear again when you open another menu.
  • Right Scroll Glitch: In the treasure section of the Market, select anything for sale. It doesn't matter if you actually purchase it or not, but after the dialog box has gone away, select a sub-category (gems/treats/money). You can scroll very far to the right, the same distance as if you were in the main treasure section. The bug persists even if you switch between categories, and is only fixed the next time you enter the treasure section.
  • Rustic Cave Glitch: When placing two Rustic Caves together, the flame from the item in back appears to be in the tree in front.
  • Shadow Glitches: In certain cases, with certain dragons, the dragon will move but the shadow remains in the original location. This is often seen when dragons step back to do their elemental breathing.
  • Skytree/Decoration Glitch: Several decorations, when placed in the far right corner of a large air habitat, create the effect of the skytree in the corner floating on top of the decoration.
  • Stuck in the Breeding Island or Breeding Cave: It is possible to get two of your dragons stuck in the Epic Breeding Island or Breeding Cave. There will be no incubation time status bar visible and the only tab you can press is INFO. If relaunching the game does not correct this, the only way to fix this is to contact Backflip Studios support.
  • Swimming Glitch 1: A Mud Dragon in the Epic Breeding Island will swim with one leg in the air whenever it is facing left.
  • Swimming Glitch 2: Some water hybrid dragons in a non-water event in the Colosseum can swim into the air while there is no water.
  • Swimming Glitch 3: When a dragon is facing left while swimming in the Epic Breeding Island, it temporarily swims into the air; this is commonly seen with the Water Dragon.
  • Swimming Glitch 4: When several dragons (including Rain, Seaweed, and Rust) swim in the Breeding Cave or the small water habitat, they will go lower in the water than the location will allow, creating a graphical error.
  • Swimming Size Difference: When you open the window of several dragons, they shrink when they enter their floating/swimming animation. They also appear in this smaller form when they swim in the Water Habitat.
  • Time Glitch: On timed events, including Incubation and Treats, wait until there are a few seconds remaining then hold down on the time button. Release at the proper time and you can see a time of 00:00:00 (and it still says "Speed up for 1 gem?"). A similar glitch happens when you press it at 1:00:00 (It says speed up for 2 gems if 1:00:00).
  • Treat Farm Glitch: After collecting Treats from the Huge Treat Farm, the treat image will not go away, even though there is no treat to be collected. The image goes away when there is a new treat selected.
  • Tree Dragon Glitch: Sometimes when a Tree Dragon breathes its Elemental Breath, the leaves will shoot upwards rather than downwards.
  • Upgrading Habitats Glitch: Sometimes when you are about to upgrade a habitat, select "close" and the dragon might run out of its habitat.
  • Visitor Stuck Glitch: On very rare occasions, if a visitor moves in an area and you place a habitat on it, it will remain stuck until you move it again. This may also happen when the habitat is about to be upgraded and you move the habitat and place it down on the visitor when it is finished.
  • Wing Glitch: When you level up some dragons to their juvenile form, a wing may flash where the dragon image should be. On rare occasions this will happen when going to an adult form.



  • If you play DragonVale within wireless connection, and then go out of wireless connection range, you may be able to play it for a few more minutes before it states that you have "lost connection".
  • There are too many glitches related to notifications to be listed on this page.

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