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Important Effective February 4, 2014
Friend Codes Were Removed From the Game

To find friends to exchange gems with or collect party hats from please use the Friends page.

S'il vous plaît, ne postez votre demande plus d'une fois par jour.
Spamming cette page peut entraîner dans un bloc sans avertissement.
Les demandes dans toutes les lettres majuscules seront supprimés.


For each new player a person invites, rewards will be received when the new player gains five levels in their park. Friend codes can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and text messaging.

When first generating a friend code by tapping the "Invite Friends" button in the Social Menu, players receive 5 gems from Backflip Studios via a "Goal Complete" screen.

When redeeming a friend code, players will receive a one-time reward of 25 gems.

When a player's friend code is redeemed by another player, the original player will receive gems based on that player's park level, rounded down to the nearest multiple of five.

For example:

  • When you redeem a friend code, you will receive 25 gems.
  • If a level 50 player redeems your friend code, you will receive 50 gems.
  • If a level 23 player redeems your friend code, you will receive 20 gems. Additionally, each time that player reaches another level divisible by five (25, 30, …), you will receive another 5 gems.

Every player can only redeem one friend code, but a player's friend code may be redeemed by multiple people.

Entering a Friend Code will reward 25 gems.
Only one Friend Code can be entered per park.


  • Friend codes were added to the game on December 3, 2013.
  • Friend codes were removed from the game as of February 4, 2014.
    • According to Backflip Studios, players who have entered a friend's code who is leveling up will no longer receive gems when they level up.

Friend Codes should only be shared on this page.

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