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Announcement Links

Firefly Festival Tutorial Video
The Magic Egg Hunt - Eggs Not Registering After Visiting
The Magic Egg Hunt - Egg Reset Timer
DragonVale Dragon Market Countdown Clock
DragonVale 2.2.3 IOS 7 and Android Issues
DragonVale 2.2.2 Update
DragonVale 2.2.1 Update
Friend Codes Being Removed from DragonVale
DragonVale 2.2 Update - Localization
DragonVale 2.1 Update Notes!
Crypt Dragon - Known issue!
DragonVale 2.0 - What you need to know!
DragonVale Update 1.17 - Crashing when Collecting
DragonVale Update 1.17 - Breeding Hints
Android Users Running 2.3.4
Collecting Gems from the Gemstone Island
DragonVale 1.16.2 Update - Enter Button - Fixed!
DragonVale Update 1.16 - Collecting Gifts Issue - Fixed!
DragonVale Update 1.16 - Extra Kairos Perch Issue - Fixed!
DragonVale Update 1.16 - Android User Not Loading Into Game - Fixed!
DragonVale Update 1.16 - Colosseum "Compete" Button - Fixed!
The Magic Egg Hunt - Egg Reset Timer
The Magic Egg Hunt - Eggs Not Registering After Visiting
iOS 8 And You!

FAQ Links

Game Center Links
Billing & Refund Resources Links


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