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DragonVale uses multi-touch user interface technology. The player controls the game with one or more fingers or a stylus that is made specifically for touch screens. A single finger or stylus is used to collect earnings from habitats, harvest treat farms and select tool icons on the screen. Two fingers are required for the zoom control.

Buttons are used in DragonVale to help navigate to different menus and information. A group of buttons in a row form toolbars to help with this.

Zoom Control[]

Start with two fingers, usually the first finger and thumb, placed together on the screen. Slide them apart to increase the zoom level. Pinch the fingers back together to decrease the zoom level.

Habitat and Dragon Controls[]

Habitat earnings can be collected with a single touch on the treasure chest bubble that appears when the habitat is filled to approximately 33% or more of its earning capacity. The tools to control the habitat and its dragons appear at the bottom of the screen when the habitat is touched after collecting its earnings.

Help, Options, Social and Market Controls[]

The Help, Options, Social and Market icons are visible only when no other item is highlighted on the screen.

The different menus control different features which are a part of DragonVale.


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